Let’s hear it for hounds: top ten dog bowls

With the 11th National Dog Day celebrating the UK’s relationship with our canine friends, we thought it was time to indulge in a little pooch-related pampering with a cracking canine crockery. Dog bowls don’t have to be utilitarian – here’s our pick of the bright, the pretty and the clever to brighten up your home.

1. Carni folk pet bowl, Gummi Pets

Carni folk vintage-style dog bowl, £8.82


How long before your dog learns to pick up this bowl and follow you round the house with it as a hint?  With its bright, carnival-style lettering, this bowl will cheer up a dark kitchen corner. It has a stainless steel inset that can be removed for easy cleaning and a slip retardant edge on the base of the bowl. £8.82 from The Design Gift Shop.

2. Double dog bowl feeding stand, Marquis and Dawe

Double dog bowl feeding stand, £46

If your pet has ideas above their station, treat him or her to this ornate double dog bowl feeding stand. It’s more than just a fashion statement – it also holds bowls in firmly in place for older pets who have trouble eating. £46, available from Marquis and Dawe.

3. Personalised pet bowl, Laura Lee Designs

Personalised pet bowl, £35

Prevent arguments at feeding time with this ceramic bowl, personalised with your pet’s name or anything else you like. It’s handpainted, and available in a range of colours. £35 from Gift Wrapped and Gorgeous.

4. Lula dog bowl, Alessi

Lulu Alessi dog bowl, £48

If your dog fancies himself as a bit of a style hound, this bowl, designed by Mirriam Mirri, is ideal. The stainless steel bowl can easily be removed for cleaning and the useful lid with a dog shaped handle means that uneaten food can be covered if necessary. £48 from Black by Design.

5. Woof! dog bowl, Sophie Allport

Woof! dog bowl, £12

Feed your dogs in style with this Woof! bowl. Made from galvanised steel, it features Labradors, spaniels, dachshunds, Jack Russells and dalmatians and has a a practical non-slip rubber rim around the base to ensure it doesn’t tip over or slip around while your dog is eating. £12 from Sophie Allport.

6. Country gent pet bowl, IN-SPACES

Country gent pet bowl, £17

Handmade from English earthenware clay and hand decorated with flat cap, check waistcoat, wellington boots and faithful hound, this bowl is perfect for any country kitchen. £17 from IN-SPACES.

7. Travel dog bowl, The Gift Oasis

Travel silicone dog bowl, £1.99

This collapsible silicone bowl is ideal for travelling, or for keeping in a cupboard for visiting hounds. It collapses into a flat disc to fit into a small space, and it’s light and easy to carry. Available in green, orange and pink. £1.99 from The Gift Oasis.

8. Personalised pet bowl, ADRA

Personalised enamel pet bowl, £18.95

Feed your pets in style with these vintage style cream enamel cat and dog food bowls, personalised with your pet’s name. These bowls would look lovely in a traditional kitchen. £18.95 for the large size bowl from Not on the High Street.

9. Chalk dog bowl, Cloud 7

Blackboard ceramic dog bowl, £45

Is your dog a fussy eater? Have some fun with this chalk ceramic dog bowl – there’s an integral  ‘blackboard’ surface to write on the menu of the day! Alternatively, write the name of visiting dogs to keep track of food bowls. £45 from Amara.

10. Dogs Trust dog bowl, Fenella Smith

Ceramic Dogs Trust bowl, £28

This attractive ceramic bowl is great for your dog and for rescue dogs as well – 25% of the sale price goes to the UK’s largest dog welfare charity, the Dog Trust. £28 from Fenella Smith.


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