4 ways to use and furnish your conservatory

Cosy home guide to using a conservatory

If space and money allows, adding a conservatory to your home is an excellent way of creating valuable additional space and adding extra value to your home.

There are many ways in which a conservatory can be used –a dining room, study, family room or somewhere to relax and unwind – and your plans for using the room will in part influence how you choose to furnish it. Here we’re taking a look at four ways in which conservatories can be used and furnished.

1. Conservatory dining room

Use a conservatory as a dining room

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If you’ve previously not had space in your house for a separate dining room and would like a change from having to eat in a kitchen-diner or lounge-diner, then a conservatory can work well for providing you with an additional dining space.

Choose dining furniture that suits the style of your room and fits into the space available. If your conservatory is small, try and avoid opting for over-sized furniture – there are some great slimline options available. Sometimes all you need is simply a dining table and chairs.

2. Have a study in your conservatory

A conservatory can make a good study office

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Wish you had space at home for a study or home office? Why not adapt your conservatory to suit your study needs.

Whether you simply need a desk on which to work and a comfy chair that will support your back, or space to store books or other work materials, there are plenty of home office and study furniture options to suit conservatories.

If you want to use the room for other purposes too, then look for furniture with concealed storage options. For example, desks that are built into cupboards and can be hidden away when not in use, or filing cabinets that look like a chest of drawers.

Depending on the design and style of your conservatory, it may be nice and light and conducive to working. Plus, if the room overlooks a garden, you can enjoy a good view too.

3. Use your conservatory as a relaxation zone

Relax and unwind in a conservatory

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If you want somewhere comfortable to escape for a bit, or a place to relax in and call your own, then a conservatory fits the bill perfectly.

There are lots of really comfortable pieces of conservatory furniture available at shops such as Tesco, including chairs, sofas and recliners. Pieces made from rattan or wicker are always popular in conservatories and help to define the area as one in which you’ll relax.

Add a few coordinating cushions, perhaps a blanket for extra warmth in the evenings, and some favourite accessories, and you’ve got yourself somewhere to relax.

4. Family room or playroom

How to use a conservatory as a family room

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For large families, an extra room can make a huge difference. A conservatory can work well as an additional family room for all ages to use, or as a dedicated playroom or TV room for kids to gather in.

Squishy sofas, beanbags and floor cushions provide the ideal furniture for laidback lounging. Add a cosy rug underfoot and keep clutter at bag by adding roomy storage cupboards or a dual purpose storage bench.

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