Classic Design Can Also Be Fresh and Exciting

If you have a classically designed home, it can sometimes feel as if it is a bit old fashioned and you may want to bring it up to date. There are ways that this can be achieved by giving some of the design features in your home a modern twist.

As well as making your living space appear more modern, it can also help to give your home a luxurious feel too. Of course, if you are having a home custom built, then these features can be added to your property right from the beginning.

Let there be light

Homes with a classic design can sometimes feel a little dark because some of the spaces can be quite narrow.

If you allow more natural light to enter the property then it can instantly look a lot brighter and more modern. There are a number of ways that you can let more light into your abode.

These range from more expensive options such as having larger windows fitted, to simpler solutions such as taking down any dark curtains that may be obstructing the existing windows. Once more light can get into the property, it will also make it look larger.

There are many styles of windows that resemble those that would have been traditionally found in a classic property that can be fitted in your home.

Starting from scratch

If you are having your home custom built and prefer a classic style, then there are some modern elements that you can include to make your life easier.

For example, you may want your home to have a traditional fireplace, but the inclusion of an electric fire instead of a real one is probably going to be more practical. However, there is no reason why this fire cannot be housed in the fireplace that you have always wanted.

If there are modern features that you want in a property that is mainly classical in style, the design team from the building company will be able to advise you about which features would work the best in this type of property and may be able to make suggestions that you have not considered yourself.

Traditionally modern

Kitchens and bathrooms are two rooms where classically designed homes can become very modern. If your home is custom built then you will be able to choose the kitchen and bathroom suite that you want for the property before they are installed.

Bathrooms can still include features that you would find in a classic home such as a standalone bathtub, but these could be installed alongside a more up to date feature such as a modern shower unit.

In the kitchen, appliances such as ovens can have a traditional appearance, but as these are modern appliances, they will be energy efficient. This not only helps the environment, but can also save you money on your fuel bills.

There are a number of things that you can do to add a modern twist to your classic property, and these can range from altering the structure of the property, to making small changes to the decoration.

If you are having a custom home built then it is easier to incorporate some of these modern features into a classically designed property. Inspiration on how you can make your home look more modern can be found on the Oswald Homes website, where there are many examples of wonderful custom built homes for you to view.

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