Five Ways to Create the Illusion of Space in your Home

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Most of us would probably like a bit more space in our homes. Unfortunately, this is not always practical as we only have limited space available to work with. However, there are a number of ways that the illusion of space can be created with a few changes to your décor, and most of these can be easily implemented and won’t break the bank.

1. Use colours wisely

Monochromatic colours are the best choice if you want to make your space seem bigger. This type of colour scheme allows the eye to travel around the room easily and this will help create the impression of space. Slight differences in shading can be used to highlight certain areas of the room without creating blocks of colour that will make the room seem smaller.

2.  Make good use of glass

Glass can make spaces look bigger because it allows you to see the whole space. Examples of where glass can be used include glass doors as they do not create a barrier between rooms in the same way that a wooden door does. The use of glass balustrades in place of a banister will also have the same effect, especially if glass clamps are used to secure these balustrades in place. This can make the space that separates the upstairs and downstairs seem more open.

3. Look at mirrors and lighting

If a room is light then it will look bigger – using lighting in the right way can help you achieve this effect. Rather than having all the lighting on the ceiling, consider using wall lights or table lamps. This will limit the amount of shadows that are created and will ensure that the room looks light and airy. Hanging mirrors can reflect this light, as well as any natural light that enters the room, and this will also make the space appear larger.

 4.  Choose the right furniture

If you want to make a space look bigger then you should avoid furniture that is too solid and heavy. The space will look more open if the furniture is raised off the ground. Choose furniture units, sofas and chairs that have legs that lift them from the floor. It is also a good idea to choose light wood and fabric for your furniture. Colours that are too bright or too dark will draw the eye towards them and make the room appear smaller.

 5.  Don’t break up the flooring

If the type of flooring changes as you move from room to room, this can break up the space and make it appear smaller. Having the same type of flooring that flows throughout one level of your home can create the illusion of one big space which will help make every room appear bigger. This can be particularly effective if you have rooms that are open plan, such as the kitchen and dining room.

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