Built in home storage solutions

How much storage has your home got? If your home is not naturally blessed with an abundance of cupboards or shelving, or standard furniture doesn’t fit due to low ceilings or awkward corners, then having bespoke fitted furniture to suit your requirements might be an option worth exploring. Here are some ideas for built in storage options throughout the home.

Living room storage

The living room is likely to be a place where you go to rest, relax, unwind and entertain. Having an organised room is likely to be preferable to one where you can’t move for clutter, have a teetering pile of DVDs on the floor or where children’s toys are scattered everywhere.

Cosy living room storage ideas

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If you’ve got books, CDs or DVDs to store, and decorative ornaments and pictures that you’d like to have on display, then fitted shelving can be a good option. If you have a fireplace with alcoves either side, then it lends itself wonderfully to becoming a space that can be developed into storage.

How to create living room storage

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If you have a bay window, then think about the possibility of having a window seat built in with added storage underneath. This could be great for hiding children’s toys.

Bedroom storage

When it comes to a bedroom, one of the key requirements for storage is likely to be somewhere to comfortably store all your clothes and shoes (and maybe handbags, ahem).

Fitted bedroom storage ideas

A built in wardrobe can help maximise the space you have available, whilst also providing hidden storage. It’s amazing what a difference it can make to a room when all your clutter is contained. Companies, such as Urban Wardrobes, specialise in creating wardrobes and bespoke furniture for your home.

Urban bedroom office furniture

In addition, if you have a bedroom or guest room that also doubles up as a study, you could opt for a clever wardrobe design like this that incorporates both space for clothing and an area that opens up to reveal a desk.

Bathroom storage

If your bathroom is small, then it’s important to make the most of the space available and provide storage where you can. Fitted bathroom storage can be good, as everything can be given its place, without compromising on space. By choosing colours carefully, you can also maximise the feeling of space in a room. White, for example, can make rooms feel bigger and adding mirrors can be effective too.

White shaker fitted bathroom storage

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Fitted drawers and wall units provide space for essential toiletries, drawers can be used for facecloths and cupboards for storing cleaning equipment in. For en suites or tiny attic bathrooms you can even get ranges that are half the standard width, yet still provide some vital storage space.

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