Light fantastic: Unusual and unique looking lampshades

When decorating a room there is always one area that tends to be the hardest – and sometimes that can be trying to find a lampshade that is the perfect finishing touch. Many people leave it until last and go for a bulk standard lamp, either in a neutral colour or to match the curtains or wallpaper.

But lampshades don’t need to be boring or beige. They should be viewed as an opportunity to be creative, not a task that has to be done for the sake of it. So here are ten very different lampshades which will stand out in your home rather than blending in.

1. Atlas Azure lampshade

This handmade Atlas Azure lampshade comes in a variety of sizes, and is designed to fit in to either contemporary or period settings. The colours on the map are stunning and it is a beautiful lamp for someone who wants the lampshade to have some meaning behind it. It costs £39.99 from Not on the High Street.

2. Himalaya shade – black strong shade

A perfect example of a very unusual lampshade is this Himalaya shade, £12 fom the Lighting Retailer. It is made up of several little lamps contained within a circular frame.


3. Cat large black lampshade by lush design

This large black cat lampshade by lush design is very much of a period design.  Black and grey silkscreen print on laminated tissue, the lampshade has sleeping cats, fighting cats, pouncing cats, dancing cats and more playing in and amongst the trees. A beautiful lamp for £62.50 fom Iapetus.

4. Jeeves table lamps

We have cheated here a bit – these are table lamps as opposed to lampshades, but we thought they were too good to leave out. The Jeeves table lamps costs £268 from Gift ideas.

5. Photo collage buddleia of suburbia lampshade

This photo collage buddleia of suburbia lampshade is gorgeous. It has been printed with fade resistant inks on high quality tear-proof paper and finished with a protective polymer lacquer to deter dust. The shade, lined with a velvet trim, is on sale from Radiance Lighting.

6. Bigoli lightshade

The Bigoli lightshade is certainly unique looking. Made from spirals and twists of tubular crinolin mesh, the lighting this light shade gives off is stunning, casting beautiful patterns on the walls and ceiling of your room.  It costs £204.95 from The Glow Company.

7. Campbells soup light shade

Here is one which might suit a teenager’s room or anyone who loves retro design labels – the Campbells soup light shade – £9.95 from The Glow Company.

8. Loopy-Lu black lampshade

The Loopy-Lu lampshade is made of polypropylene loops and is a lampshade that will stand out rather than blend in. It costs £30 from the Furnish website.



9.  Koziol stella M hanging lampshade

Red Candy advertise this Koziol stella M hanging lampshade as being suitable for any room of the house. We could see it working in a  retro looking kitchen. The dome shaped shade is made from recycled translucent plastic, and is priced at £79.

10. Antique Cranberry Tinted Glass Lamp Shade

Below Stairs of Hungerford is an interesting website to visit. They have a good selection of 1920s and 1930s lampshades. This antique cranberry tinted glass lampshade is from the 1920s. It has a flared trumpet shape and costs £65.

By Jackie Cosh

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