History of Home Competition: Musical memories

I don’t have many nostalgic items in my house. While I like to buy household items to last, there is little in my house which has a story to tell.

Apart from this record clock that it. It is gorgeous isn’t it? My husband Alan is one of the biggest music fans you will ever meet, with a music collection to match. When I first met him all his spare cash would go on music, and vinyl, as any proper music fan will tell you, is by far the best.

But then one day, shortly after a house move, I dropped his record player and it broke. I thought he would be furious, but babies and sleepless night meant that he hadn’t had a chance to listen to his records for a long time. CDs were easier.

Now our eldest son is looking for a record player, and we are getting more time to listen to music. My husband doesn’t know it yet, but I plan to replace that record player.

So this record clock  is a constant reminder to me – of the Saturday evenings we used to spend together with him putting on records for me to listen to, and also of that promise I made to myself recently – I must check out good brands of record players.

By Jackie Cosh

Disclosure: This blog post is an entry for the History of Home competition being run by British Gas. For  more details, visit http://www.britishgas.co.uk/blog/articles/history-of-home.

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