How to make rooms feel bigger: 10 space saving furniture ideas

Your house may have seemed big when you first moved in, but by the time furniture, accessories and all your personal possessions are added, rooms can start to feel cluttered and smaller. Whether you live in a small city centre apartment, have regular overnight guests or are simply struggling to fit in to your current home, space saving furniture can be a lifesaver. So many of us have home offices which double up as guest bedrooms, children’s rooms routinely contain desks which need to be fitted in, and then there are all those DVDs and CDs which need to be stored somewhere. If you’re in need of ways to help make your home feel bigger and less cluttered, then here are 10 space saving furniture ideas that could make a difference.

1. Box expandable coffee or dining table with glass top

This is a beautiful piece of furniture and one you would choose even if you had plenty of room. The coffee table, designed by Studio Ozeta, turns into a dining table which seats ten people. The box expandable coffee / dining table with glass top costs £1,995 from Onedeko.

2. Lollipop

Here is one for the home office. The Lollipop is a wall bunk bed system which has a completely integrated ladder which also functions as a bed support and a safety rail for the top bunk. You can also buy it it with a fold-out desk mounted to the front of the lower bunk and optional folding headboards. This is the ideal bed for occasional use in a home office. It is available from Resource Furniture.

3. Cubista Ottoman

We do love this cubista ottoman from Bonbon. It converts into five little padded stools – a fabulous idea for when you have extra guests, and much better than having a garden shed full of extra chairs.

4. Kip chair bed

John Lewis sells this kip chair bed which looks easy enough to assemble. There is nothing worse than trying to work out how  a sofa bed goes together when it is late at night and you are tired. This couldn’t be easier and costs £450.

5. Customisable fold-away wall bed, desk and wardrobe combination

Trendy Products sells this customisable fold-away wall bed, desk and wardrobe combination which saves you looking for separate pieces. For £2,200 you get a wall bed, desk and wardrobe.

6. Oakham solid oak coffee table

Coffee table with storage

The living room can get cluttered at times, what with books, magazines, CDs, DVDs. With this Oakham solid oak coffee table you can store everything away in the drawers and shelves underneath. It is available from Next for £475, along with coordinating pieces of furniture.

7. Oregon hideaway table

Compact space saving dining table

This looks great if you have a small home but still need a dining table from time to time. The Oregon hideaway table has a 165cm table top which folds down. It also has drawers in the base for storage of tableware. It costs £109 from Very.

8. Igma mirrored rotating bathroom / shoe storage cabinet

Many of us have bathrooms which are very small and trying to fit in all of our toiletries can be a bit of a struggle. We love this Igma mirrored rotating bathroom / shoe storage cabinet which Furniture in Fashion sells for £179.95. The 195cm tall cabinet rotates. On one side you have a mirror, on the other you have ample storage.

9. Drop front recycle bin

Most recycle bins are not easy on the eye. They can clutter up the kitchen. But this drop front recycle bin is colourful and attractive looking. Made from polypropylene, the drop front recycle bins can stack up to three high and alternatively could be used for storing children’s toys. The bins open wide for easy access and have a handled insert that makes emptying them easy. Price is £35.20 each from The Container Store.

10. Songmics 4 tier shoe rack

Amazon sells this Songmics 4 tier shoe rack for £5.50. It is lightweight and easy to move and keeps your shoes organised and easy to find. Perfect!

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