Five ways to make a house feel like a home

How to create your own cosy home

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Your home is the one place you can relax and unwind after a stressful day. It’s your little haven where you should feel happy and safe.

If you’ve just moved into a new house or if your current one just doesn’t feel as homely as you’d like it to be, there are a few simple things you can do to change that.

No matter what your budget, there’s always something you can do to help turn a house, flat or even retirement property from McCarthy & Stone, into home.

1. Get personal

Your home should be a representation of your personality. Therefore you need to put your own personal stamp on it.

There are many ways to do this including putting photos of yourself, your partner or your family in picture frames around the home. Think about your own sense of style. What makes you happy? What makes you unique?

One thing you may struggle with is personalising a rental property. If you are renting there are still ways to make it feel like your home. As reported on the website, you can add personalised art work to the walls or add a fresh coat of paint if your landlord agrees.

2. Embrace nature

You’ll be surprised just how much of a difference a pot plant or indoor water fountain can make to your living space.

These natural elements really help to provide a relaxing ambience. Pot plants come in a variety of types to suit all preferences. Indoor water fountains can also be ideal for relaxation.

Serenity Health has published a great article on the benefits of indoor water fountains.

3. Eliminate the new house smell

If you have just moved into a new home, getting rid of its fresh smell can help to give it a more lived in feeling. In order to feel at home, you need to be surrounded by familiar things.

Spray some of your favourite air freshener and do a spot of baking if that’s what you like to do. These new scents will permeate through your property and help you feel instantly at home.

4. Redecorate

If you can afford to, completely redecorate your home. Start by writing all of your ideas down and don’t be afraid to experiment. Think about your own personal style and how this can be reflected in your new design.

5. Create your own furnishings

If you’re quite a crafty person, creating your own furnishings to place around the home is an excellent idea.

You could create your own sofa throw, cushion covers or curtains. Or maybe you’re great with woodwork? Creating your own furniture is an excellent way to turn your house into a home.

These are just some ideas that you can do right now. All you need is a little imagination. Determine what your personal style is and the colours you prefer. There’s always something you can do no matter what type of property you live in and what your budget might be. Look online for design inspiration.

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