A view from the garden

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Summer is on the way, meaning we will all be spending a little more time in the garden. Are you dreaming of being surrounded by lush grass, flowers, rockery and maybe even a water feature under the heat of the morning sun?

If this sounds like your idea of summer bliss, you can make sure the view of your home from the garden matches with some window shutters. You don’t have to put a divider between your home and your garden, but can make them one with beautiful handcrafted shutters to overlook your peaceful garden in the shelter of your space despite the weather.

The magic of shutters

Shutters can be installed on almost any type of window, French door or sliding door. They can open outwards, inwards or slide past each other and they will transform any room from the inside as well as enhance the beauty of your house from the outside.

Types of shutters

There are two types of shutters: the first are plantation shutters, which are perfect if you want to control light and privacy.  The second are solid shutters, which give a more traditional look and are ideal ways of combining warmth and security. Within those two types, there are many variations in styles, shapes and sizes; all give a classic, timeless look. Waterproof shutters are available for bathrooms and wet rooms. For examples of how these can look why not take a look at those at Purely Shutters.

Let in the light

Recreate the ambience of your home by controlling the light of a room. Rather than just having the usual two options to open or close your curtains or blinds, you can have several light options through the louvres on the shutters. You can also control your privacy in the same way; you can completely shut out the world and its noise or watch it all go by through slits. You can also shut out drafts and retain heat helping you reduce energy costs.

Shutters don’t skimp on quality either. The timber is durable and doesn’t have to be treated due to its resin content. Most shutters are maintenance free and will last for years, and they are made with the same quality and attention to detail as fine furniture. So make your view from the garden an even better one and dress those windows and door with style.

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