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Here at Cosy Home we think a pet adds to the cosy atmosphere of any house, and we’re delighted that 1st April to 5th May 2014 is National Pet Month. Now in its 25th year, the event aims to promote responsible pet ownership, help pet charities and generally enjoy life with our furry, feathered and finny friends.

This year’s theme is ‘Celebrating our Pets’, and there are fun days, open days and competitions being held all over the country for you to join in with.

Pets are good for people

If you’re already a pet owner you won’t need any convincing, but both scientific and anecdotal evidence suggests that pets can help reduce loneliness, ease stress, promote social interaction and could even help you live longer.

As a pet owner, you’re also less to suffer from depression, have lower blood pressure, reduced muscle tension and a lower heart rate. If your pet is a dog, you’ve also got all the health benefits of fresh air and extra exercise.

No pet? No problem

If you’re an animal lover but can’t have a pet due to work or other restrictions, how about offering a couple of regular evening or weekend hours to volunteer at a charity or animal shelter?

Both large charities such as the Dogs’ Trust and the RSPCA and small local organisations are usually keen for an extra pair of hands to give the animals some personal care and attention, and you could find yourself doing anything from dog walking to helping rehabilitate injured birds. Alternatively, you could offer to take out a friend or neighbour’s dog for a bit of much-appreciated extra exercise.

If you don’t have time to volunteer, April is also a great month to look after the wildlife in your garden. It’s coming up to nesting and breeding season, so birds, hedgehogs and insects will all appreciate some extra food and a safe shelter.

Treat your pet for National Pet Month

Your pet may be pampered all the time, but we think National Pet Month is the ideal occasion for a little extra treat. Here’s our pick of the best pet presents.

1. Stylish dog collar, Pet Gift Buddy

Leather dog collar

This smart collar means you and your best friend can step out in style. The mint-green collar features gunmetal grey detailing, an engraved charm and sturdy and D-ring for lead attachment. Suitable for dogs with a neck measuring 11 to 14 inches, it’s available from Pet Gift Buddy and priced at £21.99.

2. Cute cat collar, Bellomania

Cat collar

As cats like to be out on their own at night, a reflective collar is a great way of helping to keep them safe. This cute and practical collar features a safety catch, which will release in an emergency, a removable bell and reflective seams for safety. It fits cats with a neck size of 8 to 12 inches and costs £10.99 from the delightfully-named Aristopaws.

3. Fish hotel, Umbra

Fish hotel

We couldn’t resist this quirky creation from designer Teddy Luong. The outer case offers shade from the light, while the inner glass cube lifts out for easy cleaning, and the contemporary styling of this ‘fish hotel’  is a cut above the traditional round glass bowl. £33, available from Red Candy.

4. Wild bird feeder, Bohera

Eva bird feeder

We love this beautiful wild bird feeder from Belgium company Bohero, who ship to the UK. Made from hand-blown glass, the ball-shaped feeder is both decorative and practical, and will look good in your garden all year round. Designed to hang from a tree branch in a sheltered place, the feeder costs £37.20 from Bohero.

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