8 Accessories to Make Your Bathroom Beautiful

After a major bathroom renovation or refit it is important to complete the bathroom décor properly. This can seem an exhausting task after the drama, expense and time-consuming process of having all the major bathroom furnishings fitted and paid for, but it is a vital part of the ambiance and atmosphere of your bathroom, and should not be neglected!

1) Game, Set, Matching!


Choose a matching set consisting of everything you need in the bathroom for an easy way to ensure that the accessories all match.

These sets can contain everything from a hand soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, swing mirror, dustbin and even a small dish or container for holding valuable items like earrings and watches.

Choose an elegant and lovely set, to complete the décor and properly finish off the bathroom, something especially evident when the set picks up and plays on the colour scheme of the room.

2) Hang It up!


Hooks on the back of the door, towel rails and freestanding racks come in a variety of materials and colors, from gleaming chrome, to natural attractive wood to almost any colour that you desire.

Install plenty of these so that the family has somewhere to store their towels and face-cloths in between uses – this will help to keep the bathroom tidy.

3) Fragrance and Light


Add some beauty to the bathroom by placing some colourful candles next to the basin and do not forget a generous vase, in which you can put fresh flowers or artificial ones, according to your tastes or family allergies.

These small touches add beauty to an otherwise purely functional room.

4) Oaken Class


Consider changing the look of your basin. Try this oak veneer cut-out from My Bathrooms, it is a stylish and elegant frame for your hand basin, that is cheaper than you might think, adding oodles of charm to the bathroom.

At just over £500 it leaves a lot of pennies in the decorating budget for other accessories and touches – it even comes with a handy drawer to hide all those necessary but unsightly aids to beauty and hygiene!

5) Beautify Taps Too!


Do not neglect your taps, drain covers, plug chains, and even the plug itself!

All of these features can detract from a beautiful bathroom if they do not fit with the ambiance of the rest of the room.

If you have an unsightly black rubber plug, why not change it for a different color one, or an elegant chrome one that covers the entire drain surround to imbue the room with a gorgeous polish.

6) Nice Shower


The shower curtain is large and can take up a lot of eye space, so make sure that you choose an attractive one that repels mould and mildew and fills the eye nicely.

Have a look at Way Fair shower curtains collection; they are really nice and different.

7) Blinds or Curtains: Your Choice


Bathroom curtains are generally short, just covering the windows. Opt for neat and stylish blinds or choose a fabric that is good in damp environs, picking out your décor colours and enhancing them.

8) Something Underfoot


The bathmat and pedestal mat are vital in most bathrooms, keeping the floor dry and providing a warm, cushioned surface for bare, wet feet while climbing in and out of the bath or standing in front of the basin.

Choose good quality mats that will last well, retaining their colour faithfully despite getting wet every day. And for an ultimate luxury accessory, you could even consider adding a heated floor, so your feet will feel super cosy and warm.

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