Limited edition animal silhouette jars from Aiga & Ginta

Decorative glass jars for handmade homemade gifts

If you’ve been inspired to make your own homemade jam or preserves, or are beginning to think ahead to making Christmas gifts, then here are some lovely glass jars that will make handmade efforts that extra bit special.

Aiga and Ginta have a range of limited edition glass jars which have been decorated with white silhouettes of animals. There are Christmassy reindeers, wild boars, boxing hares, horses, jumping horses and grouse amongst the designs to choose from.

The animals come to life when the jars are filled, as you begin to see the designs in all their glory. The jars are ideal for filling with homemade goodies, such as jam, chutney, nuts, pickles or chocolate truffles and can be enjoyed by your recipient once the contents are finished.

Each of the animal design jars costs £6.90 each from Aiga and Ginta.

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