Five ways to use decorative glass storage jars in your home

Ways to use and fill decorative glass jars in your home

If you want to create your own decorative accessories, or make a stamp on a simple idea, then invest in some glass storage jars.

They can look lovely left as they are, but one of the benefits of glass jars is that you can fill them. Here are five ways in which you can fill and use glass jars as decorative accessories.

1. For a nautical or ocean decor theme, fill glass jars with small pebbles, pretty shells, sea glass or small pieces of drift wood.

2. Fill jars with your favourite scented bubble bath and display in your bathroom.

3. Add a mix of your favourite sweets for a tempting decorative jar fit for a study desk or kitchen.

4. Transform clear glass jars into colourful containers by adding coloured water to them. Display on a windowsill to take full advantage of the sun shining through them.

5. Change the jar contents with the seasons. For autumn, add small conkers or pine cones, and at Christmas fill with tiny glass baubles.

Many stores sell empty glass bottles that are just asking to be filled. For example, Cox and Cox have a set of two large, chunky retro glass storage jars on sale at 50% off (now £20)

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