Top Five Gadgets That Add the Finishing Touches to Your Interior Design

Five best gadgets for a cosy home

Home gadgets can be fun,  functional or stylish. If you’re lucky they might be all three, adding an unusual but useful flourish that complements and adds the finishing touches to your interior design.

To get your home up to speed with the latest gadgets, here are our top five.

1. Digital photo frame

These days, we take the majority of our photos on digital devices, whether those are cameras, phones or even hand-held games consoles. It’s always possible to make your own prints from a digital file, or to have it done professionally, but digital photo frames allow you to display your favourite pictures straight from a USB connection or memory card. You can choose to display a single photo or, on some devices, display various photos at different speeds – a great alternative to paying for multiple prints.

2. Coffee maker

You don’t have to be a barista or head for your local coffee shop to get an authentic cappuccino or espresso these days. There are a wide range of coffee machines available, all sleek and stylish and most of these would complement any designer kitchen. It’s a long way from the 60s teasmade (although they are enjoying a mini retro-chic comeback at present).

3. Plasma TV

LCD TVs have started to close the gap recently, but a good quality plasma tv is still generally held to offer the sharpest resolutions and less motion blur, making them ideal for watching sports or any other high speed, high action viewing. They’re also incredibly thin and the technology used allows for a much larger screen size than an LCD TV, with less appreciable loss of quality.

4. Robot vacuum cleaner

It might sound like something out of science fiction, but robot vacuum cleaners are now available from a range of sources. Equipped with sensors, they scan the room and automatically move themselves round, avoiding obstacles in their way and cleaning as it goes. Unlike a conventional vacuum cleaner, which tends to be hidden away when guests arrive, the robo-vac can be left out, or even left in action, providing a great talking point when entertaining guests.

5. Electric diffuser

If you’re a fan of scents but not keen on the idea of leaving aromatherapy candles burning, electric diffusers can safely and automatically release pleasant fragrances. Variations are also available, including a gently lit version which fulfils the basic function of the aromatic candle, providing a great option for those looking for a gadget which is delicate, attractive and practical.

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