Spring floral scented home candles from Monsoon

Spring floral home scents

Uplift and refresh your home with the scent of Spring, with these colourful and decorative floral scented candles from Monsoon.

For a green and fresh scent, and beautifully decorated candle, opt for the Butterfly planter candle, £9

Mixing warm spicy notes, on a base of floral jasmine and rose, try the Juliette print boxed tumbler, £12

The gorgeous scents of jasmine and wisteria will be released when you burn the Floral garden seed candle tin, £9 – it even comes with a packet of seeds, so you can grow your own floral blooms!

Evoke the sweet aroma of pink hydrangea, rose and jasmine, with the pretty Oriental flower planter candle, £9



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