Essential Upgrades for a Traditional Bathroom

Luxury double ended classic bath

A bathroom can be far more than just a functional space in your home – it can be the main space where you relax and de-stress. As such,  it’s worth considering a face-lift design for your bathroom that affects both its appearance and its feel.

A Victoria Plumb traditional bathroom suite is a good choice for those trying to break the mould. With the massive amount of styles and fittings available, making a bold bathroom statement is increasingly simple.

Traditional Bathroom Designs

Planning a bathroom that blends traditional elements with today’s modern style doesn’t mean that you must have minimalist clean lines and ultra-modern fittings. In fact, traditional designs convey a timeless elegance that works well in both modern, old and classic homes.

If you like modern materials, but prefer ornate and intricately decorated items with a wood finish for a traditional appeal, you can mix and match from a whole spectrum of products available at Victoria Plumb to build a ‘transitional’ style that is completely unique and unquestionably bold.

How to make  a traditional bathroom statement

Unexpected use of colour can be particularly striking in a bathroom where white is often the central colour.

Bold block colours or monochrome black and white can be very effective. But sometimes you don’t even have to redecorate to feel the impact of colour in your bathroom, as you can gain elements of colour from bathroom fittings and accessories.

Your choice of bath, showerhead and taps for both basins and baths can add the timeless look to a traditional suite and is the perfect way to make a traditional statement.

Traditional bathroom style  Traditional bathroom shower head

For example, look to traditional taps, like the Antonio with elegant white handles (from £39).  A lovely traditional rain can shower head costs less than £70 or a traditional slider rail kit is available for £59 – combine these with wood finishes, and you can create the perfect traditional bathroom look with just the right amount of modernity.

Classic roll top bath

Your choice of bath can have the biggest impact on the room, so think carefully about the look you want to achieve. For a truly authentic traditional bathroom, a slipper roll top bath around £300 is the classic centrepiece and a brilliant bold statement.

If money and budget are an issue for your bathroom makeover plans, why not make small changes gradually, perhaps adding new flooring, tiling, lighting or additional bathroom furniture over time.

Whatever your needs, Victoria Plumb offers luxury bathroom items at affordable prices and you’re sure to find the product range extensive enough to cover every style choice or preference.

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