Top 10 egg cups for Easter

Spring is the time for new beginnings, which is why we traditionally associate the spring festival of Easter with eggs, an ancient pagan symbol of fertility.  This year, why not set the scene on Easter morning by using some of these gorgeous egg cups for your family breakfast?

1. The Big Tomato Company: Eggy soldiers egg cup

What’s not to like about this quirky, retro egg cup, priced at £8.95 from The Big Tomato Company‘s English Eccentrics range? Guaranteed to make you smile every time you dunk your toast.

2. Cath Kidston: Set of six plain egg cups

Get the whole family cracking on an egg on Easter Sunday with this set of egg cups from Cath Kidston. At £15 for the set, they’d complement any kitchen, contemporary or traditional.

3. Charlotte Macey Textiles: Chicken egg cup

Add a little patchwork charm to the breakfast table with this chicken egg cup, £6.50 from  The cute, appliqué-style illustration is based on a stitched picture by textile designer Charlotte Macey.

4. Emma Bridgewater: Rhode Island Red egg cup

This beautifully-detailed egg cup will have you dreaming of hearty farmhouse breakfasts with fresh bread and butter. The others in the range include Buff Orpington and Hamburgh Red; £9.95 each from Emma Bridgewater.

5. Fairmont & Main: Kitchen spot egg cup in Delph blue

Cheerful and affordable – accessorize your table with this jaunty, spotty egg cup; a huge pot of tea with a teacosy and a bunch of daffodils in a jam jar for the perfect English breakfast. £4.50 from Fairmont & Main.

6. Portmeirion: Vintage Kelloggs egg cups

These 1950s-style egg cups are almost enough to make us grab our frilly aprons and start baking our own bread – a nostalgic glance back to when breakfast really was the most important meal of the day. £6.50 from Portmeirion.

7. Alex Clark: Rooster egg cup

Cock-a-doodle-doo! We love Alex Clark’s  naïve paintings and greetings cards, and now you can enjoy her beautiful illustrations at breakfast too. This egg cup, £3.50, makes us want to get up early. Well, almost.

8. John Lewis: Marmite egg cups

Love ’em or hate ’em, this set of four Marmite egg cups are bound to get a reaction from your breakfast guests! £13 from John Lewis.

9. T&G Woodware: Cream & Country egg cup

More retro nostalgia with this lovely, chunky egg cup from T&G Woodware – sturdy enough not to topple over if you need to use a bit of force on that eggshell. Available from Debenhams, priced at £4.50.

10. Denby: Imperial Blue Egg Cup

The rich colour and speckled surface of this classic egg cup, £6 from Denby, reminds us of  Mediterranean skies. Deeply soothing, if you’re not really a breakfast person.

By Sara Walker

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