Decorate your home for Easter with an Easter tree


Easter home decoration ideas

Handmade Easter tree

Trees don’t need to be just for Christmas, they can work brilliantly well as a focus for decorating your home for Easter too!

You can make a simple blossom tree like this easily – Hobbycraft have a useful guide to making your own Easter tree and decorations. But if you’d prefer a more traditional tree, then there are some good options available that you can buy ready to decorate.

Decorate a tree in your home for Easter

Ready to decorate Easter tree

These white wicker trees, which are available in small (£15) or large (£25) sizes are ideal for Easter decorations, but could equally be used at Christmas too. They work well on a table top, have plenty of branches for hanging decorations from and you can add as much colour to it as you wish. The Easter trees are available from John Lewis.

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