Alpro deskfest challenge

Strawberry and hazelnut breakfast smoothie

Alpro recently invited us to take part in their Deskfest challenge. As we often find ourselves eating breakfast at our desks, and as we’ve never tried Alpro products before, it seemed an interesting idea.

So for three days in a row, we’ve been swapping our usual milk and yogurt at breakfast for Alpro dairy-free products.

Day 1

Intrigued by the idea of a hazelnut flavoured drink, we got creative with some sliced strawberries and used it to make a strawberry and hazelnut smoothie. This was an ideal desk-based breakfast, and perfect for a morning when you don’t feel like eating a heavy breakfast. It worked surprisingly well and the combination of hazelnut and strawberry flavours hit the spot.

Day 2

Alpro deskfest

For the second day of deskfest, we embarked on a spot of porridge making. Porridge is a lovely filling way to start the day, but instead of our usual milk, we used the Alpro almond milk.

We made the porridge in the microwave for quickness, adding a drop of water and dried cranberries – we love the way they puff up as they cook, so you end up with lovely juicy cranberries in your porridge. The end result with the almond milk was a tasty alternative to using milk and it wasn’t too strong a taste of nuts.

Unfortunately the picture of the porridge didn’t come out that well and we didn’t realise until we’d eaten it! So I’m afraid you’ll have to imagine what it looked like.

Day 3

Alpro deskfest breakfast challenge

On day three of deskfest, it was onto the pouring yogurt. We eat a lot of low fat yogurt and were a bit wary of what the Alpro non-dairy version would be like….but we needn’t have worried.

If you didn’t know it was made from soya, you really wouldn’t know. It’s just as good as a dairy yogurt and the vanilla flavour tasted delicious. As the name describes, this is a yogurt designed to be poured, but it’s not too thin or liquidy and looks just like a normal yogurt. We served it with chopped fresh fruit, but have since happily eaten a bowl of it on its own.

As well as being great for breakfast, this product would be ideal to serve as an alternative to cream with a dessert and is definitely something we’ll be buying.

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