Make a child’s room cosy with a rabbit night light

Animal lighting for children's rooms

White rabbit light

There are various animal lamps available for children’s bedrooms, like the dog lamp we’ve featured previously, but as some are made of bone china, they’re not always the most practical design for a child’s room.

This white rabbit light, on the other hand, is made of plastic, making it more child-friendly. It’s decidedly wallet-friendly too, at only £6.95 a pop (yes, really!) and, if it does get accidentally damaged, it won’t cost a fortune to replace.

There are no wires involved, as the light is battery operated. When turned on, it emits a gentle glow, so is perfect to use as a comforting night light to make a child’s room feel cosy at night, as they drift off to sleep.

The rabbit night light is available from The Forest & Co.

To help complete a rabbit theme, team it with the oak wood bunny rabbit bookends.

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