Lakeland vegetable preserving and storage bags

Preserve and keep vegetable fresh at home

Vegetable storage idea

How to you store onions and potatoes? If you want to keep them fresh, then these vegetable preserving bags are a great idea.

We’ve been using the onion and potato bags for a while and they offer a good storage solution that keeps them dry and away from bright light.

The inside of the bags have a blackout layer, so it restricts the amount of light that can get through, and the bags are made of breathable poly-cotton material which ensures that the right amount of air does circulate through the bag.

The bags themselves are well made, durable and hold a good quantity. There’s a drawstring at the top, which double as a useful carry handle.

To help get over the age old issue of potatoes or onions festering at the bottom of the bag for ages, there’s a zipped access on the side of the bag. This means you can easily access and use the vegetables at the bottom first, so nothing gets wasted.

In addition to potatoes and onions, there’s a bag available for general vegetable storage needs, plus a smaller bag for mushrooms (the latter doesn’t have a zjpped side).

The vegetable preserving bags are well priced at £2.99 each (£2.49 for the mushroom preserving bag) and are currently on offer at Lakeland for 3 for 2.

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