What Are The Advantages Of A Fitted Kitchen?

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The kitchen is the heart of the home and is really central to family life, so when you’re designing it, you want to make sure that it really is perfect for what you and your family need. A kitchen is hard and costly to replace once it’s been fitted, so you need to make the smart choices before the work is done, and with there being the tough debate of fitted kitchens versus unfitted, it can be hard for you to decide.

Fitted kitchens really are perfect for today’s family home, here are three of the main reasons why they can work in your home.

1.   Space Saving

A fitted kitchen is extremely space saving as it lets you use the entirety of your kitchen. It doesn’t matter whether your room is a really strange shape with lots of little alcoves and nooks in it, a fitted kitchen will make it feel as though you have the biggest and most normal shaped room you could imagine.

By being able to use your entire kitchen, fitted kitchens really do save you space, making sure that any available space is used and maximising storage potential.

2.   Gadgets Where You Need Them

Fitted kitchens are increasingly customisable and more and more often this has come to mean the inclusion of gadgets in the work surfaces. Whether its plug sockets that you can pull up from the work surface or a mixer built into a corner, with a fitted kitchen you have the option to do all this and more – something you definitely wouldn’t have if you went for the unfitted option.

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3.   Increased Selling Price

When you’re just starting to redecorate your home, you probably aren’t thinking about selling it on, but if you do decide to sell your house at a later date, having a functional, stylish fitted kitchen can often help increase the price. Buyers tend to prefer a fitted kitchen to an unfitted one, plus it also means they know exactly what they’re getting, which helps prevent any confusion about what is or isn’t being left behind.

There are many other advantages to fully fitted kitchens, such as being able to raise the oven to eye level height, and adding specially designed spaces to store wine bottles or recipe books. If you’re redecorating or re-designing your kitchen and want to ensure you make the most from the space you have available, then a fitted kitchen is definitely an option worth considering.

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