Transform your Country Cottage

Add a cosy multi fuel stove to your cottage

Cosy Tiger multi fuel stove

There are so many Britons out there who wish that they lived in a country cottage, that if you do live in one, you really can count yourself lucky. That’s all the more reason, then, for you to make the most of your fortune by decorating it to your advantage.

You may have considered investing in some fine looking plantation shutters, or you may want to view the latest range of stoves online. Whatever your ideas and interests, here are some favourite tips for transforming your country cottage.

Invest in some wooden shutters

Of all of the window dressings that you could possibly choose for your country cottage, it’s hard to think of a better option than quality hardwood shutters. After all, they have a very solid, retro appearance and are available in a wide range of colours and finishes.

What that means is that you can have shutters that perfectly suit your cottage property, viewed from both the inside and the outside. Another great thing about shutters is that they offer plenty of practicality for 21st century living, being durable and strong as well as genuinely effective at providing privacy and controlling the amount of light that enters your home.

Consider every aspect of your décor

It seems that almost every item for the home can be chosen to somehow add to that desirable ‘country cottage’ feel. Shabby chic, for example, is a style term that is applied to all manner of charmingly timeworn items, from mismatched cups to ‘aged’ chairs and tables, with their peeling paint and scratches.

Many items like these can be found at online auctions or local market stalls, often for a very modest amount of money. Shabby chic also places the emphasis on reusing old items, which fits in well with our present eco-friendly era.

Buy a wood burning or multi-fuel stove

In an age of central heating, many of us look back with nostalgia to a time when wood burning stoves were commonplace… and if you live in a country cottage in the early 21st century, there’s no reason why you can’t still have one.

Wood burning stoves are not only available in a wide range of pleasingly traditional styles, but given recent rising fuel costs, are also quite inexpensive and environmentally friendly as a way of heating your home. Multi fuel stoves are also available, and are able to burn fuels like wood, coal, coke or peat for maximum convenience.

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