Garden Paving – The First Impression of Your Home

Bradstone garden paving

Bradstone Bamburgh Mill paving

If you’re looking to sell your house, or are interested in finding out how you could improve the look of your home, then the old adage that first impressions count is good to keep in mind.

Anyone visiting your home sees the exterior first – not just your house, but the garden, pavement or front path leading to it. The state of your garden paving might not seem like an important issue to you, but it’s often one of the initial features that people notice before they even get to your front door, especially if it’s cracked, uneven or broken.

But that’s not all… every aspect of the exterior of your building needs to be considered. From your garage and your windows, to your garden and your guttering, it’s a good idea to put some effort into all the outside areas of the home. Stuck for ideas? Well here are a few suggestions.

Garden Paving

One thing we definitely recommend is, if your gardening paving isn’t up to scratch, then check out paving from Bradstone. This could be the crucial element you’re looking for to change your humble abode from being just an average building to standing out from the crowd.

The paving offered by Bradstone is a fantastic way to create an impact. With designs in sandstone and limestone, their modern look will certainly give your garden an edge.

However, if you’d prefer something a little more subtle then you could always opt for some decorative stones; these are a great way of adding a bit of sparkle to the front of your home.


If your garden isn’t completely paved and you have some greenery at the front of your home, then it’s important that you also make this look appealing to visitors.

If your garden is a complete mess, then this will certainly leave a bad impression on any guests to your household.

Plus, it takes minimal stress to keep in order! Invest in some plants and flowers (which can be relatively cheap at your local garden centre), spend a couple of hours each week making sure they look nice and healthy, and your home will look impressive in no time!

Your home

As you can imagine, the garden isn’t completely responsible for leaving a great first impression; you need to focus on the rest of your home too.

Firstly, you need ensure your windows are clean and appear of good quality. The windows are like the eyes of the home, so if these are clear and bright then your house will appear more approachable.

Secondly you also need to think about the guttering, whether it’s properly fitted, working well and free of unwanted greenery, as people do take note of details such as this.

And finally, look at the overall appearance outside your home. If you have a garage, make sure it appears respectable.  If your car is at the front of the home, be sure to keep it looking smart. Have kids? Don’t let their toys clutter the garden. Little things like these can really make an impact, so get it sorted!

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