Furniture from around the world: From Sao Paulo to Senegal

As the saying goes, the world is becoming a smaller place. With the advancements in logistics that have been possible over the last 20 years, it is no surprise to see furnishings from around the world in your local furniture outlet.

You can now easily have a piece of furniture crafted on the other side of the world nestling in your home. Tables, bedroom sets, couches, pianos, you name it and it can be shipped across continents, thousands of miles from where the item was originally made.

Check out some of these items that deserve worldwide acclaim.

1. Brazilian Designer Carlos Motta develops and produces furniture, sculpture, and architectural products all from recycled wood. Using driftwood, recycled wood from demolitions, pieces found in shores and rivers, as well as material certified by FSO, decreases the environmental footprint of his work.

 Designer chair by Brazilian designer Carlos Motta

(Image courtesy of inhabitat)

2. The Binta Armchair by Moroso is made from the baobab tree. Designer Philippe Bestenheider said: “The brash, bright colour contrasts are in the tradition of African textiles and colour schemes; they conjure up the elegant tailoring of women’s clothes as if Binta were a Senegalese lady about to wear and enhance the hot colours ofAfrica.”

Clad with African fabric and colours it mimicks those of traditional womens dresses worn from rural villages to big cities. The Binta Armchair is a great way to bring Africa into your home.

Moroso african Binta Armchair

(Image courtesy of dezeen)

3. Koji Collection is a Miaimi based furniture company which creates ultramodern furniture from natural easily renewable materials. This rather strange artistic looking patio chair is made from wood and rattan. The effect here is a real organic but flowing design

Miami designer Koji Collection chair

(Image courtesy of Koji)

4. This magnificently designed table is from a collection called White Titania by Italian company Bastex. The classy elegant style is something to admire. Beauty and aesthetics are definitely at the heart of this design.

Italian Bastex Titania Collection dining table

(Image courtesy of digsdigs)

5. This snowfloor lamp was created by Danish designer Louis Poulsen. The fixture emits a general light and direct reading light. Both the reading and general lighting help to create a unique soft illumination of the space.

The shade consists of varying concentrations of white screen-printed snowflakes, which are concentrated or blended together in accordance with the position and luminance of the light source in order to avoid uncomfortable glare. However it will set you back a whopping £3025.

Louis Poulsen Danish snowfloor lamp

(Image courtesy of materialicious)

6. This bench was created by Australian designer Brodie Niell. It is carved from a random mix of reclaimed and sourced materials. The multicoloured pin stripe pattern includes plastics as well as a range of man-made wood products.

Designer bench by Brodie Niell

(Image courtesy of FromDesigner)

This guest post was written by Jonny Bridge on behalf of AHF Furniture and Carpets. To browse a wide range of furniture, visit the site today.



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