4 Steps to Your Perfect Designer Bathroom

Perfect designer cosy home bathroom

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There may not be enough time to manifest any of those stylish bathroom designs you’ve been daydreaming about before everyone turns up for Christmas – they’ll just have to live without that rainforest shower for another year.

But January, when you’d probably rather snuggle up indoors anyway, is the perfect time to curl up with your notebook and some home style blogs and magazines, and figure out exactly what you want – and how to achieve it.

 1. Figure out your budget

There’s little point in conjuring up your ideal bathroom in your head, then discovering you don’t have the budget for it. You’ll either end up with a head full of unfulfilled daydreams, or a debt you’re embarrassed to think about.

Instead, be honest with yourself about what funds are available for this project – factoring in how much value you’ll add to your house if you’re making home improvements as an investment – and then explore what changes you can make within it.

2. Find your style

This is probably the most fun part of this entire project. Think about how you want to use your bathroom; do you spend hours luxuriating in candlelit baths, or would you rather amble in and out of a wet room before slipping off to work? Design your bathroom around how you use it, rather than how anyone else says it should be. Choose the best quality you can afford, so that your bathroom will last and you won’t end up paying extra to fix problems in the long run.

For style inspiration your friends may not have thought of, look at the latest upmarket and designer hotels in your favourite destinations. Hotel websites tend to be full of glossy photos showing off their luxurious bathrooms.

Looking at hotels is a neat shortcut because your favourite style of hotel will usually match your ideal style for home, be it sleek and modern, tropical relaxation or stately luxury.

Once you’ve identified which style makes you feel relaxed and truly indulged, look to see what defines it – what makes that style different to the others? Are the lines clean and straight or complicated and ornate? Are the colours neutral or bright, patterned or plain? What sorts of accessories have been used? Do they recall a particularly era?

3. Current trends

When you’re investing in a new bathroom, you need to strike a balance between getting the style you want – be it contemporary trends like eco-chic and natural materials, or chosen from an era you particularly love – and choosing pieces that have a certain timelessness and lasting quality that won’t look outdated within a few years.

Unless it’s in a second home, you’ll be using this room on a near-daily basis. You don’t want to get sick of the sight of it, so avoid anything too quirky or flash-in-the-pan trendy unless you’re certain you’ll love that look long after everyone else has forgotten about it.

4. Making it happen!

Once you have your budget and your style, it’s time for action. Set yourself a deadline and find yourself a good decorator. Unless you have plumbing expertise, you will need a professional to make sure fixtures and fittings are properly installed, so make sure you factor this into your budget.

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