Handmade silver beaded baubles from Cox and Cox

Handmade silver beaded Christmas decorations

Beaded silver decorations

These silver Christmas tree baubles are handmade and a bit unusual.

So often the bulk of the detail is in the bauble itself, with an unexciting piece of cotton added to hang it up. But with these baubles you get just as much detail in the hanging loops as you do in the baubles, as they are strung with tiny glass seed beads.

When these dainty baubles are hanging from your tree, you’ll not only benefit from the glint of silver baubles amongst flickering tree lights, but the sparkle and shine of the seed beads too.

These are baubles you’ll want on show, hanging at the front of your tree, not hidden at the back! They’d also look lovely on the more pared back, twig paper trees, as the seed beads won’t get lost within the branches of a bushy Christmas tree.

The set of ten silver beaded baubles costs £12.50 from Cox and Cox.

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