Home Aspirations: When Have You Made It?

There are certain things in everybody’s life that they strive towards in their younger years as a sign they’ve made it.

It might be living in your own home to prove your independence, it might be treating yourself to that designer suit or handbag to show you mean business or it might even be that 5* holiday in the Caribbean to show yourself that even though you have made it you can still take the time to relax and enjoy your life.

When it comes to your home there are a few luxuries that seem to be synonymous with people’s aspirations. These include:

The walk in wardrobe

You see one in every house on MTV cribs and although the size and sheer decadence of the walk in wardrobe can differ enormously (some rivalling the size of an actual house) it’s a sure sign of success.

If you’re not quite at the walk in wardrobe stage of your life yet don’t despair. Buy your new wardrobe online, you can still pick up gorgeous stand-alone wardrobes with many of the benefits of a walk in, separate shoe and bag compartments, rails to separate your tops and trousers and even sliding doors with TV’s built in.

The garden hot tub

Have your own piece of a posh French Alps chalet with a hot tub in your back garden.

Relax in the bubbles on a cold winter evening and for that extra bit of indulgence, add your own bottle of bubbly to sip while the steam rises into the cold night air.

You’ll feel like a movie star in the making and who’s made it more than those with their name in lights?

Your very own swimming pool

Having your own swimming pool in your house is often seen as the ultimate status symbol!

You can use it to relax and unwind, to keep fit or to add some extra fun at the end of a great night of dinner party hosting.

It may not be diamond encrusted or gold leaf covered, but being able to go straight from the pool to the shower and into the comfort of your own home in just a few meters is something to be proud of! And, if you’re not satisfied with just the pool you can always add a sauna and steam room to the equation.

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