Bobbins cotton reel table lamp from Next

Quirky and unusual home lighting ideas

Unusual bobbins lamp

There are some lovely lamps and lighting ideas in the Autumn/Winter 2012 collection from Next and one utterly charming design is this bobbins table lamp.

The quirky wooden table lamp has a base which is made up of three colourful bobbins, or cotton reels – one in navy, one in pink and one in green. The heavy cotton shade matches the green of one of the bobbins and the lamp has an unusual pink flex.

If you’re into sewing or crafts, or have a dedicated sewing room or corner, then this lamp would be a perfect fit. It’s also ideal for anyone that wants to update a plain old boring lamp, as this one certainly has an unusual appeal and is sure to be noticed in a room!

The bobbins table lamp costs £50 from Next.

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