Fenella Smith flamingo tableware

Earthenware flamingo mug and jug

Pink flamingos

We’ve got a soft spot for pink flamingos, so the fact that these charming birds have begun to appear in a array of home accessories and decor is nothing short of a good thing in our book.

One of the designers who has created some lovely pink flamingo items is Fenella Smith. Her pink flamingo designs can be found gracefully adorning her earthenware mugs and tall jug.

The mugs are available in two sizes, with a standard size mug priced at £17.50 and a flamingo mini mug at £14.50.

The matching tall slim jug holds up to 1 and a quarter pints and costs £27.50.

In addition to the flamingos, Fenella Smith has produced a menagerie of other animal tableware (think daschunds, hares, Scottie dogs, labradors, pugs and cats) which are well worth a look.

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