Which Bath Design is Right For Me?

Traditional freestanding bath

Elizabeth bathroom suite

Fitting bathroom suites is a task that requires a lot of planning and consideration and this is particularly important when choosing your bath.

There is an abundant selection of baths available to choose from and getting the right bath can be the difference between success and failure.

With many factors affecting your decision from budget to style, space to design there is something out there that will suit the needs and desires of everyone.

The original concept of a simple bath tub is no longer relevant as depending on the space you have, you can now get a tub ordered to size. There are also corner baths, free standing baths, easy access baths and aquaspa baths, so whatever space you have there will be something for you.

After designing your bathroom, you can choose the bath to suit your style, tailored to your personal choice.


Up towards the far end of the luxury scale, aquaspa baths can offer you the luxury of a fully functioning spa within your own home.

Providing you with whirlpool effects from the multiple jets mounted into the base and side panelling of the bath, you will find yourself submerged in the hot stream of bubbles working their way into your tired muscles.

Also, with the air spa benefits available at the touch of a finger thanks to the power control button, these baths really do offer you the indulgent experience that so many people pay extortionate amounts of money for.

Perfect for the indulgent executive, these touches of extravagance don’t come cheap, nor do they fit into a small space.

Requiring more complex piping due to the pressure needed for the jets, these are more technical to install and it is advised that you get this done by a professional to avoid any problems.

So if you’re looking for something slightly more economical and practical, this may not be your first choice.

Free Standing

More similar to the conventional bath, free standing baths are becoming more and more popular among many of us. They are able to get fitted into most spaces and don’t require any extra piping to plumb it in properly, these can be fitted yourself if you feel you are competent at DIY.

Offering a touch of vintage tradition and coming in a range of materials from cast iron to acrylic, free standing baths can act as the central focus of any bathroom as well as slipping nicely into the background.

Corner Baths

Perfect for the space conscious, corner baths can provide you with a solution to a problem that is becoming more and more popular, space. Coming in a variety of shapes that will fit almost any corner, these are a great alternative to giving the bath a miss completely and just going for a shower enclosure.

Available with the aqua jets if you want to add a touch of luxury, corner baths are also an attractive alternative to a bathroom where space is not an issue. Easy to plumb in and relatively cheap to buy, the comfort and styling of these are not to be overlooked.

Standard Tub

Finally, for those that aren’t looking for anything to solve a problem or be a focal point, then your average fitted bath is a perfectly viable option. Offering comfort and practicality, these baths are the most popular choice for households due to their ease of installation and cheap price tags.

Coming in a range of materials and styles to suit the theme of your bathroom from acrylic to steel or even armour plus baths that retain heat for longer, these baths are an obvious choice for most people.

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