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Everyone has been through a situation in life where, at some point, they’ve had to downsize their living arrangement and adapt to their new surroundings.

Whether you’re saving money through getting a smaller place, moving closer to a city centre or simply want to move from a house or flat that you feel is too large for what you need, there are many things that need to be considered before you move.

It shouldn’t be a case of squashing everything into a new place, or selling stuff to fit comfortably – downsizing can be successful with a few easy tricks.

Bring light into your home

Small rooms, when dark, can feel cramped and oppressive. Instead, it’s worth trying to let as much light in as you can. By adding light through easily-adjustable fittings like blinds, you can really do a room justice – not only that, but even basic wooden blinds can be remarkably space-saving when compared to curtains. Whether you choose roman, Venetian or roller blinds – maybe even some basic vertical blinds – you can control the light that comes into your home with ease.

De-clutter the space

If space is tight, the last thing you want to do is complicate things by adding even more items. Think cleverly about how you can use space, especially the walls and under furniture. If it’s the bedroom, for example, store things in drawers under it or even buy a divan bed to maximise the storage options. If not, consider shelves for your wall, but don’t overdo it – if there’s too much on these surfaces, you can make the walls feel closer than you may want.

A lighter colour scheme

By employing a more positive, airy and bright colour scheme in the home, you can really make a room feel so much larger. When moving into smaller properties, you can use pastel colours to make an area feel warm, welcoming yet large. You’re not only limited to this, though; bright blues, greens and purples can also look great, and won’t make you feel too cold if they’re used in the right way!

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