Dualit NewGen Union Jack toaster

Union Jack kitchen appliances

Great British toaster

With both the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics fast approaching, so many more products are having Union Jacks emblazoned on them. Some work and some don’t.

One that we rather like the look of – partly as the Union Jack isn’t all over the product and doesn’t overpower it- is this Dualit NewGen toaster.

The well designed two slice toaster can, amazingly, toast up to 65 slices of bread an hour (that’s a lot of toast!), but also works well with waffles, bagels and tea cakes.

If you’d like to give your kitchen a retro style look, then the Dualit NewGen Union Jack toaster is available  from John Lewis or from Dualit.

If British red, white and blue doesn’t do it for you, the same design is also available in a rainbow of other plain colour choices.

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