Cats and kittens wall stickers

Contemporary cat and kitten wall decoration wall art

Kitten wall stickers - miaow!

If you’d love to have a cat or kittens, but can’t have them in your home, then here’s an alternative option – feline wall stickers!

These wonderfully designed life size cat silhouette wall stickers come in a set, so you can create your own cat scene on one or more walls in your home. Each set contains four cats, three kittens, two butterflies, three balls of wool and one round ball, so you can position the cats playing, chasing or curled up relaxing, just as they would if you had a pet at home.

The wall stickers are made from glossy vinyl, are self-adhesive and supplied with clear transfer tape to make it easy to stick them on your wall.

We love the black cat and kittens, but if you’d prefer your cats to be a different colour, there’s a huge list of colours you can choose from.

The cats and kittens wall sticker sets cost £26.99 from Aijographics.

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