Sheila Bownas apple design double deckchair

Sheila Bownas archive prints

Pip design double deckchair

A deckchair made for two sounds perfect to us – and we particularly love the design of this one.

The Pip apple design was created by the late designer Sheila Bownas, a well-respected artist who designed for many top name British interiors companies from the 1950s to the 19080s.

Flora Dora own an archive of her newly discovered original textile and wallpaper designs, which are well worth a look, and now Pedlars are using one of the archive designs – Pip, a graphic apple print – for an exclusive range of home accessories.

The double deckchair is just one of these products and does the apple print proud, showing it off in all its glory.

This special wooden deck chair, with its heavy duty canvas print, is available to buy for £495.

Other products in the range include a Sheila Bownas folding stool (£199) and a lovely Sheila Bownas apples mug (£10.50).

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