Wooden ribbon storage box from Laura Ashley

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Ribbon storage box

Confession time: I’m a bit of a ribbon addict!

Aside from having a large bundle of mixed ribbons, I’ve got some on rolls and I’d like them to stay organised rather than unravelling and getting in a muddle. This is one reason why I’m investing in one of these ribbon storage boxes.

The cream painted box is made from wood, so is likely to be durable and offer years of use. The box is painted in cream and has just the right amount of space to allow you to store spools of ribbon inside, so that the ends are always to hand and you can pull out and cut off the ribbons when you need them (so much better than a big jumbled up pile of ribbons!).

It doesn’t show up that well on the image, but there’s also a delicate grey decorative design on the bottom of the box, with crafting and sewing related wording, such as ‘tailor, stitch, dart and buttonhole.’

The wooden ribbon storage box is new in stock at Laura Ashley and costs £25. It would look brilliant displayed on a shelf in a sewing or craft room.

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