Sit in the sun!

Spring and early summer is well and truly here and the time for lounging around inside is over – it’s time to get outside and enjoy your garden!

As well as pottering around, gardening and enjoying your outside space, there’s nothing better than taking some time to relax and unwind.

There’s no doubt that dragging your usual indoors furniture in and out of the house in order to sit outside comfortably or to accommodate guests is tiring. The answer to your problems is simply to invest in some of these delightful outdoor pieces that will add function and style to your garden.

Garden furniture ideas

Garden lounger

This gorgeous Shalini Garden Lounger is the ideal place to enjoy the sun. Check out all the other accessories that go with this.

If you are looking for a set of outdoor chairs to use with a garden table, or for more sociable occasions, have a look at these Maylin garden chairs. Made from extremely durable materials, they are perfect for both an English summer and winter outside.

Garden chairs and garden furniture

Garden chairs

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