Porcelain plate wallpaper: Create a wall of hanging plates

Porcelain china plates wallpaper designHow to hang plates on your wall

Hanging plates on the wall for decorative purposes used to be commonplace, until people began to realise the hooks and fixtures could end up damaging the plates – and the last thing you want to do is end up ruining your favourite porcelain or, worse still, your valuable antique china.

But if you love the look of plates hanging on a wall, here’s a plate-safe way of achieving it – with some specially designed porcelain plate wallpaper.

These eye-catching papers realistically recreate the look of a wall of hanging plates. The designs feature a plethora of wonderful china designs – you may spot your favourites amongst them – and the wallpaper is available in an eclectic multicoloured version, or a classic blue and white.

Traditional china porcelain plate Classic traditional blue and white china

These two wallpapers have been lovingly created by Studio Ditte, so are priced accordingly. But for a very special design that will help prevent your porcelain plates from being damaged by poorly made wall hanging fittings, it seems a reasonable price to pay (and once you’ve got it installed and have a wall of plates in your home, you’re not going to want to change it for a long while).

Both the multicoloured porcelain plates wallpaper and the blue porcelain plate wallpaper can be purchased from Catkin Collection.

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