Hand knit pocket cushion half price

Jenny Lam Laark designer knit cushion

Cosy up with a cushion

Cushions are great for helping create a cosy home, and can be added to sofas, chairs or beds. In addition to being comfortable to lean back against, there’s something comforting about cuddling a cushion on a chilly evening (especially if you don’t have anyone else to cuddle up with!).

This unusual hand knit pocket cushion embraces the trend for knitted cushions, but also makes the cushion cuddling concept even warmer, as it has a cosy pocket included in the design. When you wrap your arms around this cushion, you can pop them in the pocket and keep them warm too!

The cushion is made from 100% lambswool and is available in three colours – grey marl, mink and navy.

Best of all, it’s kinder to your wallet, as the cushion is currently half price in the sale, from Laark, the brand founded by knitwear designer, Jenny Lam.

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