Bird food tin and scoop from Freshly Forked

Feed your garden birds

Bird seed storage

If you feed the birds in your garden, where do you currently keep the seed or nuts?

Ours is in a scruffy carrier bag in the garage, with a make-shift scoop made out of the bottom of a plastic milk bottle! The scoop does the job well, but the bag leaves a lot to be desired.

Clearly we need to upgrade to one of these decidedly smart and secure bird food tins.

The bright blue tin is printed with words typically associated with bird food, like peanuts, sunflower seeds, maize and millet. The tightly fitting lid ensures the food is kept dry and no seeds unexpectedly escape.

It comes with an aluminium scoop, which will be really useful for distributing the seed to the birds and filling up bird food containers.

The jaunty blue bird food tin and scoop costs £19.25 from Freshly Forked.

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