Top 10 most popular posts on Cosy Home Blog

We’re revisiting previous posts today, with a look at the top 10 most popular posts since Cosy Home Blog launched in July 2009.

It’s interesting to see that the common themes in our most popular posts evolve around a love of wallpaper, cake stands, wall decor and patchwork – all great elements that you can use to create your own cosy home.

Here’s the complete list of the top 10 most popular posts….is your favourite amongst them?

1. Top 10 floral wallpapers

2. Vintage bespoke cake stands from Let Them Eat Cake

3. Plumo large patchwork pumpkin pouf

4. Large three tier cake stand

5. Next purple and teal bloom floral wallpaper

6. Love Is a Teacup handcrafted cake stand

7. Pink flamingo wallpaper by Cole and Son

8. Boho Bebe patchwork quilt and cushions

9. 14 types of wall decor to use in your home

10. Baroque headboard wall sticker

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