Cath Kidston floral wallpaper

One of the top designers of shabby chic style floral wallpaper has to be Cath Kidston, who’s got the look and design down to a fine art. Here are three of our favourites!

Best Cath Kidston vintage shabby chic floral wallpaper

Antique Rose wallpaper

The classic antique rose design floral wallpaper evokes images of pretty country cottages strewn with blooming pink roses.

The wallpaper is available with an off white or pale blue background.

Top Cath Kidston wallpaper

Floral chintz

Chintz is not for everyone, but the Cath Kidston interpretation of floral chintz wallpaper uses modern, uplifting colours that work perfectly with a shabby chic decor scheme and in rooms for the young or old.

Top Cath Kidston wallpaper

Rose sprig wallpaper

The rose sprig wallpaper design uses smaller sprigs of flowers arranged in a more orderly pattern. Perfect for a lower-key floral design, it’s got a traditional feel to it and looks as good on the wall as it does used for other purposes, such as made into drawer liners.

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