Why Roman Blinds are the right choice for your home

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Anyone who has decorated a room can tell you that choosing window coverings is one of the toughest parts of the process. Whilst the traditional solution is always likely to be curtains, day by day many people are starting to realise the potential of the less pricey option – Roman Blinds. Whilst curtains often need to be custom made – a time-consuming and expensive process – blinds can often be fitted and changed as regularly and conveniently as you like.

Whilst the stereotypical view of blinds is flimsy, thin plastic structures that turn mouldy and snap upon contact, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, the 1980s style plastic has gone out of the metaphorical window and has been replaced by a number of different materials. You’re more likely to find blinds these days made out of cloth or bamboo. Got environmental concerns? Don’t worry – a lot of modern-day blinds are made using a wide range of naturally sourced materials including tea leaves and cotton.

The sheer range of colours and materials available when purchasing a set of Roman Blinds means that they are sure to match furnishings in any room – no matter how outlandish the current decoration is. Depending on how prominent you want your windows to be, you can choose colours to either make them stand out or become a fixture in the background

It’s not just a case of choosing a colour scheme and a material though. Another important dilemma is whether to fit a flat or hobbled design blind. The flat design, as the name suggests, covers the entire window and lies perfectly flat on the window when closed. When the pull string is drawn, the blind forms a number of folds which display the importance of the pattern as it must also look good when folded.

Just like clothing and many other things, the blind industry moves in circles and old ideas are often recycled with a modern spin on them. Roman Blinds are a perfect example of a retro idea which has moved with the times, and so should you.

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