Bottle and drinks carrier from Berry Red

Garden bottle and drinks carrier for outdoor dining

Red and white drinks carrier

If you’re carrying several bottles of wine or glasses to a table and have far to go with your arms laden, then this nifty drinks carrier is the ideal solution.

Perfect for using when you’re drinking outside in the garden, on a picnic, or just to ensure you don’t drop everything when you’re carrying multiple bottles and glasses through your house, the carrier can hold up to six bottles or glasses.

It’s nicer than just using a tray, as tall bottles and glasses are supported within the frame and have less of a chance of wobbling off and smashing.

The drinks carrier is made from metal, with a lovely red and white design on the outside and a twisted wirework decoration. The large metal handle ensures there’s plenty of room for carrying your goodies, without the tops of bottles getting in the way.

The Emma drinks and bottle carrier is £45 from Berry Red.

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