Using Blinds to Open Up Your Living Space

Kitchen blinds from Hillarys

Blinds from Hillarys

Small rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens can often be difficult to decorate in a way that will maximise the space. However by using window blinds you can effectively make the most of the space that is available. Here are a few tips for different rooms on how to utilise your living space to make it brighter and appear larger.

Due to high humidity in bathrooms it is essential to use blinds that are moisture resistant, for example made out of vinyl or aluminium material. By placing this type of window treatment within the window frame they can delicately blend with the rest of the bathroom interior. Blinds can provide the necessary privacy for in a bathroom and also let in natural light that will open up the room dramatically.

Small kitchens can feel cramped due to there being so many items in a kitchen including the cabinets, stove and refrigerator. Using venetian blinds can create a soft light that will open up a small kitchen space. If your kitchen window is particularly small then by adding colour and a design this again can help to open up the room.

In small apartments if there is limited light entering the space it can make the room feel more enclosed. However, using any type of blind in this setting can allow for an efficient amount of natural light to enter the room. This will open up the room making it feel and appear larger.

Attic rooms can often feel particularly small especially with the slanted roofs making it more difficult to decorate accordingly. It is ideal to use roller blinds for the décor of these rooms which are perfect for letting light in and blocking it out when necessary. Roller blinds come in a variety of colours and designs to suit any preferences.

Window treatments can have a large impact on the overall feel of a room. With simple initial choices when decorating a smaller living space you can open up a room for more enjoyment and better use.

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