Rose & Grey antique style display case

Store and display treasures and special mementoes

Treasure storage display case

We’ve featured some similar display cases before, but we can’t resist this new find.

If you love collecting bits and pieces from your travels (postcards, tickets, photos), keeping letters or special post you’ve received in the mail, or enjoy putting together your own mini collections of treasured items (a lock of your baby’s hair, a foot or hand print painting, their first crayon drawing, or perhaps a selection of old family photos) then this display case is perfect for gathering, storing and displaying your mementoes, so that they’re not just hidden away in a drawer.

The distressed finish case is antique in style and it comes complete with a vintage fabric backdrop and some pins, ready to attach treasures.

You can use it to create a long-lasting display, or have fun creating a new showcase whenever you feel like a change.

The antique style display case is £45 from Rose & Grey.

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