Clear cut crystal glass cupboard door knob

Change your door knobs and handles for a new look

Sparkly door knob

Fed up with the look of your cupboard doors or want to jazz up a bedside table? If your fancy a change, then here’s a quick and easy way to update the look, without spending a fortune or doing loads of hard work. Rather than changing the furniture, why not change the door knobs or handles?

There are some lovely door knobs and handles available, but we rather like the glam look of this clear cut crystal glass door knob. The base of the handle has a silver chrome glazed finish and it would be perfect for use on a cupboard door, cabinet drawer or chest of drawers.

The clear cut crystal door knob costs £4.50 from Pushka. A wide range of other door knobs and handles, including ceramic and coloured versions, are also available.

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