Choosing The Right Mattress

Getting a good night’s sleep is an essential way of re-fuelling and re-energising your body, ensuring you have enough energy to tackle a new day. However, the quality of sleep you obtain can be affected by having a poor mattress and it can worsen existing health conditions or cause new ones.

When you’re choosing a new mattress, it’s worth doing your research and finding out what type of mattress best suits your requirements. It’s also beneficial investing in a quality product that will last.

Over time, the quality of a mattress will decline and eventually it will need to be replaced. Usually after about 10 years it is time to buy a new mattress but sometimes you can even pick up on visual clues to determine that it’s time for a new one. For instance, if your mattress starts to sag in the middle, then it has become worn out. Some mattresses also develop lumps, which is another tell-tale sign of much needed replacement.

Firmness is something you will want to consider when choosing your mattress. The firmer the mattress, the more support it will provide. This can help prevent stiff muscles, back pain and neck pain. A firm mattress will help keep your spine aligned. If your spine becomes misaligned it can cause pinching of the discs. A firmer mattress helps to not only prevent pain, but obtain a restful night of sleep and is a great choice for those who prefer sleeping on their backs.

But can a mattress be too firm? The answer is yes. Some health conditions are helped more by a softer mattress. For instance those suffering from fibromyalgia actually do better with a softer mattress. This lessens the pressure on their already aching bodies. Firm mattresses can also be too much for side sleepers.

Side sleepers have different needs in their mattresses. When sleeping on one side of the body, all of the body’s weight concentrates pressure in a smaller area. This can create pressure points which cause numbness and tingling. Therefore, having a softer mattress, helps to lessen some of this impact.

Whatever mattress you need to fit your lifestyle, has a wide variety of mattresses available.

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