5 Reasons to Use Neutral Colours in Your Home

Furniture and home accessories from Laura Ashley

Neutral home decor from Laura Ashley

We often hear that we should use neutral paint colours when decorating our homes – property developers and designers in magazines and on television preach daily about the virtues of minimising clutter and creating a calm and stress-free environment.

Here are 5 good reasons why using neutral colours in your home can be beneficial and help create a cosy and welcoming home.

1. Neutral colours promote calm and relaxation

Neutral colours can be used to generate a feeling of light, space, and calm. Colours such as white, grey, cream, or beige used for your walls and flooring are able to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Create a space where you can come home and unwind, rather than being bombarded with bright colours which make it hard for your mind to switch off.

2. Neutral colours are easy to accessorise

Once you have a neutral background, you can create your colour scheme using cleverly placed home accessories. Use bold, black picture frames against a white wall, and tie in with black and grey or silver accents in your curtains, cushions, rugs and other soft furnishings.

Similarly, use bright colours against creams and beiges to give colour to an otherwise plain room. Using patterns and texture in your furnishings, or creating a feature wall, works well in giving depth and interest.

3. Neutral colours are simple to change

If you fancy changing your colour scheme, you don’t have to go to the trouble and expense of redecorating. Changing a few key items can update a tired room without breaking your budget. Neutral colour schemes go with anything, whether you want to tone things down with a pale, light colour, or jazz it up using bright and bold items.

If you have a colour scheme in mind, try using different shades, textures and patterns. Changing the layout of furniture in a room can make a huge difference to the space.

4.Neutral paint colours fit well with any style

Whether you want a country kitchen or a contemporary look, using a neutral backdrop lends itself to whatever style you choose. For a classic, traditional room, look for natural wood, rustic pieces, and classic styles. Get inspiration by visiting reclamation yards and thrift shops.

If you want something more up-to-date, why not mix gleaming chrome with glass. Go for statement pieces with gloss finishes, which also reflect light around the room.

5. Neutral paint colours are more desirable if you sell

If you are planning on selling your home, using neutral colours on your walls and floors helps buyers see the potential of the property. If you’ve decorated using bright, bold colours, people coming into your home can find it difficult to see beyond that, and can be put off.

Buyers need to be able to visualise their possessions in your house, so be kind to them by creating a blank canvas which will help them to do this.

Where To Shop For Your Neutral Home Decor Look

Lots of High Street stores and specialist interior boutiques sell a wide range of decorating items and home accessories to help you create a neutral decor scheme in your home. Here are some shopping highlights to get you started.

* Shop for furniture, beds, tableware, home accessories and other items in white and other neutral shades at The White Company

* Buy classic, traditional or contemporary furniture in neutral colours at Feather and Black

* Shop for neutral wallpapers in interesting patterns or textures at Wallpaper Direct

* Invest in neutral wallpaper, paint, fabrics and lots of lovely home accessories at Laura Ashley

* Stock up on paint and other decorating essentials at Homebase and Focus DIY.

* Discover inspiring home accessories at Camel and Yak, Graham and GreenThrough The Cottage Door, Katie Mac Ceramics, Patchwork Harmony and John Lewis.

* Find ready made neutral curtains and soft furnishings at Dunelm-Mill.

* Discover chic and elegant furniture for your home at The French Bedroom Company

* Invest in a new country kitchen at Second Nature Country Kitchens.

Written by Tereasa Easton

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